Hi there 👋, I’m yunus emre. A passionate full-stack developer from Turkey, Istanbul.I design and build web applications for various clients and I love 💙 what I do. I am currently currently working as a application architect in akbank.

I’ve written code 👨🏽‍💻 on bank projects like Akbank, DenizbankAG, Sberbank Europe AG, ZiraatBank AG and have been in great teams. You can access various documents like certificates, badges, training and licence docs related to me.

I have travelled to many places around the world and I want to travel more 🌎. I like taking pictures, though who doesn’t, here are great photos with my colleagues.

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Computer Education and Instructional Technology
2008-2012, Social Science Faculty, Sakarya University

High School
2005-2008, Software, Tuzla Technical High School

Tech Stack

-> Programming Languages : C#, Java, Typescript, Javascript
-> Frontend Development : Html, SCSS, Angular, Gulp, Bootstrap
-> Backend Development : NodeJs, ExpressJs
-> Database : MsSQL(T-SQL), Oracle(PL/SQL)
-> Backend as a Service(BaaS) : Firebase, Heroku
-> Framework : Asp.Net Core, EntityFramework Core, Web API
-> Ide : Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse
-> Software : Postman, Adobe XD
-> Methodology : SOLID, Object Oriented Programming, Design Pattern, Scrum
-> Source Control : TFS, Git

Soft Skills

Technical Training | Scrum Master/Team Leader

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