Hi there 👋, I’m yunus emre. A passionate full-stack developer from Turkey, Istanbul.I design and build web applications for finance institutions and I love 💙 what I do. Currently have been working as a application architect in akbank.

I’ve wrote code 👨🏽‍💻 on bank projects like Akbank, DenizbankAG, Sberbank Europe AG, ZiraatBank AG and have been in great teams.You can access variety documents like certificates, badges, training and licence docs related to me.

I have traveled to many places around the world and I want to travel more 🌎. I like taking pictures, though who doesn’t, here is great photos with my colleagues.

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Computer Education and Instructional Technology
2008-2012, Social Science Faculty, Sakarya University

High School
2005-2008, Software, Tuzla Technical High School

Tech Stack

-> Programming Languages : C#, Java, Typescript, Javascript
-> Frontend Development : Html, SCSS, Angular, Gulp, Bootstrap
-> Backend Development : NodeJs, ExpressJs
-> Database : MsSQL(T-SQL), Oracle(PL/SQL)
-> Backend as a Service(BaaS) : Firebase, Heroku
-> Framework : Asp.Net Core, EntityFramework Core, Web API
-> Ide : Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse
-> Software : Postman, Adobe XD
-> Methodology : SOLID, Object Oriented Programming, Design Pattern, Scrum
-> Source Control : TFS, Git

Soft Skills

Technical Training | Scrum Master/Team Leader

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